Myofascial Release

Myofascial release is based on eliminating restrictions in connective tissues that lead to chronic pain and structural  imbalances.  When our muscle and connective tissue is traumatized,  for example, from injury, our bodies reorganize along lines of tension to further support misalignment.  Adhesions, or “knots”, form in the soft tissue that may cause pain and discomfort.  Unless corrected, strains on  muscles and soft tissue slowly tighten, become taut, rope-like and dense.  This contributes to a myriad of dysfunction.  Fascial restrictions can lead to painful and achy muscles, lessened mobility, referred pain to other areas of the body, headaches,  migraines, TMJ dysfunction, low back pain, sciatic pain, numbness, stabbing pains, limited flexibility, poor posture and gastrointestinal problems.

Myofascial release is a whole body approach used to evaluated and treat symptoms of fascial restrictions.  It is a hands-on, gentle modality that is both profoundly therapeutic and relaxing.  It works to relieve symptoms for long term results.  Myofascial release differs from traditional massage therapy in a few ways.  It is performed on bare skin without the use of oil or lotion.  Instead of gliding over skin and muscles, whole hand pressure is used to sink into the tissue slowly until a release is felt by the therapist.  When a release occurs, gradual pressure and movement is applied in the direction of tension. In general, a gentle, sustained hold will be kept for 3-5 minutes for optimum effectiveness.  This slow, low load pressure allows for excellent hydration and circulation.  When taut or habitually contracted muscles become more supple through release, viscous flow increases,  allowing nutritive substances like blood, lymph and interstitial fluid to reach tissues with ease, thus encouraging the healing process.

Myofascial release can also be used in concert with rigorous soft tissue mobilization, gentle craniosacral therapy, traditional Swedish and deep tissue bodywork.  This treatment is inherently multifaceted and requires the therapist to integrate disciplines for maximum rehabilitation.

Over the years I have worked with hundreds of clients, many of which suffer daily with great pain.  The outcomes my clients find with myofascial release are incredible.  It is truly effective with lasting results.

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Why Pre- and Perinatal Massage is a must.

During Pregnancy

-Reduces stress, Promotes relaxation,  provides emotional support and physical nurturing for the mother 

-Reduces edema and blood pressure, relieves varicose veins, and increases blood and lymph circulation

– Greatly reduces muscle pain, joint soreness and stiffness

-Contributes to developing flexibility and the body awareness necessary to actively participate in the birth process

-Fosters nurturing maternal touch

-Builds the bond between mother and child

In Labor

-Contributes to shorter, less painful labor

-Reduces labor complications, medications, and interventions

In the Postpartum Period

-Helps with  emotional, physiological and family adjustments

-Reduces back pain, and promotes realignment of the pelvis and spine 

-Reduces muscle pain caused by childcare activities

In Society

-Develops individuals more capable of love and pleasure

-Builds less violent, more respectful cultures

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Benefits of Massage Therapy

Amazing results of Massage Therapy:

Circulatory system:  Improves blood circulation, Replenishes nutritive materials, Promotes rapid removal of waste materials, Lowers blood pressure

-Lymphatic System:  Promotes lymph circulation,  Boosts immune system, Reduces lymphedema,

-Nervous System:  Reduces stress, Reduces anxiety, Promotes relaxation, Reduces feelings of depression, Decreases pain, Reduces need for pain relievers

-Musculature:  Relieves tension, Relaxes muscles, Reduces muscle soreness and fatigue, Reduces trigger points (“knots”), Increases range of motion, Improves balance and posture, Improves motor skills, Lengthens muscles, Increases flexibility, Tones weak muscles

-Connective Tissues: Reduces scar tissue, Decreases adhesions, Releases fascial restrictions, Reduces surface dimpling of cellulite

-Respiratory System:  Strengthens respiratory muscles, Decreases asthma attacks, Increases fluid discharge from lungs, Improves pulmonary function

-Digestive System:  Stimulates digestion, Relieves constipation, Relieves colic and gas

-General Effects of Massage:  Reduces fatigue and increases vigor, Improves sleep patterns, Reduces job related and post traumatic stress, Improves mood, Decreases feelings of anger, Improves body image, Improves self-esteem, Promotes communication and expression, Improves lifestyle habits, Increases physical well being, Reduces touch sensitivity, Increases academic performance, Increases mental alertness, Satisfies emotional needs

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Massage of Columbia

Hi Everyone! I am so excited to offer massage through Massage of Columbia. Please check out my services, packages and specials. Can’t wait to start working with you.

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