Synergy Package
In this series of 10, clients can mix and match Swedish and deep tissue techniques catered to your specific health goals.  Integrate myofascial release, trigger point therapy and stretching as needed, to help maintain high function and lessen pain.
Price $750.00 BUY NOW

Relax & Restore
Receive 10 one hour sessions of Swedish massage.  Light to moderate pressure is used to ground, soothe, and replenish.  Emerge rested and glowing!
Price $750.00  BUY NOW


Nurturing the Mother
A package of 9 massage sessions carefully designed to care for the pregnant mother’s rapidly changing physical needs.  Ranging from deep tissue sculpting and rhythmic blends to relaxing Swedish massage, this package is a prenatal must.
Price $750.00  BUY NOW

The Spa Experience
Perfect for anyone seeking an at home getaway, each session offers something new in this luxurious package. A take home wellness gift is included.
–      One hour Aromatherapy massage
–      Ninety minute Hot Stone Therapy
–      One hour Reflexology
–      Ninety minute Exfoliating glow and detox wrap
–      One hour Face, Neck and Shoulders
Price $750.00  BUY NOW

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