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Swedish Massage

This nurturing massage releases muscle tension, soothes the nervous system and induces total relaxation.  Swedish massage relieves pain, increases circulation, boosts metabolism and strengthens the immune system. If you are new to massage this is a great place to start.
60 min=$75   90 min=$105  120 min=$135

Therapeutic Massage

Using deep tissue and trigger point therapy, this massage addresses structural problems within the body.  It will help alleviate dysfunction that surface as muscular and visceral problems, headaches, chronic back and neck pain, TMJ and nervous disorders from misalignments in the structural system. This treatment helps to eliminate muscular spasms and promote deep relaxation.
60 min=$75   90 min=$105   120 min=$135

Pre Natal Massage

This is a great way to relieve stresses that result from the rapid and profound physical changes that occur during pregnancy and postpartum.  Pre and peri-natal massage can help to lessen joint pain, reduce edema, and alleviate anxiety. It also improves sleep, labor outcomes and newborn health.  Nurture the mother!
60 min=$75   90 min=$105   120 min=$135

Myofascial Release

Myofascial release is a whole body, hands on approach for the evaluation and treatment of the body.  Its focus is on the fascial system.  Each myofascial release session begins with postural analysis and is performed directly on the skin with gentle sustained pressure, enabling detection of restrictions in the tissue.  MFR lends profound and lasting relief from TMJ dysfunction, pain due to structural imbalances, lumbosacral pain, headaches and migraines.
60 min=$75   90 min=$105   120 min=$135

Sports Massage

Not just for athletes, sports massage is great for anyone with chronic pain, injury, or range of motion issues.  Use sports massage during training for optimal performance or recovery after a big event.  Inquire about on site sports massage.
60 min=$75   90 min=$105   120 min=$135

On Site Chair Massage

I bring the benefits of massage to you!  Chair massage is easy, fast and relatively inexpensive. Chair massage is commonplace in the corporate office setting.  It improves attitude, alertness, productivity, focus and sense of calm.  Chair massage is a terrific addition to spa parties, health fairs and special events.
$1/per minute

Hot Stone Massage

Melt away with Swedish based relaxing hot stone therapy.  Specifically placed stones, accompanied by gliding pressure, soothe sore muscles and release tension.  Luxurious, especially in winter!
60 min=$95   90 min=$145


The ancient practice of reflexology is the application of finger and thumb pressure to specific zones, or reflex areas of the hands and feet, based on the premise that such work promotes a physical change in corresponding areas of the body.
60 min=$65

Detoxifying Body Wrap

This treatment leaves your skin cleansed and glowing.  It’s a lymphatic boost, great to do seasonally or when you are feeling sluggish.  It begins with a stimulating and exfoliating full body dry brushing, followed by an invigorating massage using a custom blend of detoxifying essential oils. Next, relax in a heated body wrap with reflexology and foot massage.
90 min $120

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