Benefits of Massage Therapy

Amazing results of Massage Therapy:

Circulatory system:  Improves blood circulation, Replenishes nutritive materials, Promotes rapid removal of waste materials, Lowers blood pressure

-Lymphatic System:  Promotes lymph circulation,  Boosts immune system, Reduces lymphedema,

-Nervous System:  Reduces stress, Reduces anxiety, Promotes relaxation, Reduces feelings of depression, Decreases pain, Reduces need for pain relievers

-Musculature:  Relieves tension, Relaxes muscles, Reduces muscle soreness and fatigue, Reduces trigger points (“knots”), Increases range of motion, Improves balance and posture, Improves motor skills, Lengthens muscles, Increases flexibility, Tones weak muscles

-Connective Tissues: Reduces scar tissue, Decreases adhesions, Releases fascial restrictions, Reduces surface dimpling of cellulite

-Respiratory System:  Strengthens respiratory muscles, Decreases asthma attacks, Increases fluid discharge from lungs, Improves pulmonary function

-Digestive System:  Stimulates digestion, Relieves constipation, Relieves colic and gas

-General Effects of Massage:  Reduces fatigue and increases vigor, Improves sleep patterns, Reduces job related and post traumatic stress, Improves mood, Decreases feelings of anger, Improves body image, Improves self-esteem, Promotes communication and expression, Improves lifestyle habits, Increases physical well being, Reduces touch sensitivity, Increases academic performance, Increases mental alertness, Satisfies emotional needs

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