Why Pre- and Perinatal Massage is a must.

During Pregnancy

-Reduces stress, Promotes relaxation,  provides emotional support and physical nurturing for the mother 

-Reduces edema and blood pressure, relieves varicose veins, and increases blood and lymph circulation

– Greatly reduces muscle pain, joint soreness and stiffness

-Contributes to developing flexibility and the body awareness necessary to actively participate in the birth process

-Fosters nurturing maternal touch

-Builds the bond between mother and child

In Labor

-Contributes to shorter, less painful labor

-Reduces labor complications, medications, and interventions

In the Postpartum Period

-Helps with  emotional, physiological and family adjustments

-Reduces back pain, and promotes realignment of the pelvis and spine 

-Reduces muscle pain caused by childcare activities

In Society

-Develops individuals more capable of love and pleasure

-Builds less violent, more respectful cultures

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